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From the project inception to final handover we work to protect your business interests controlling project costs through a full range of Cost and Contract Management Services.

Our highly qualified team of cost management and cost engineering experts cover the entire lifecycle of the Cost Management from the Preliminary budget based on conceptual design to Final Bill certification and close out of the project, and anticipate project turn-out costs and measure estimates against a baseline that ensures both risk and value management are achieved.

Costs are controlled through rigorous change management and risk management processes and reporting.

Focusing on Client’s needs:

Our proactive approach ensures the best value for our clients, whether we are providing high-level deliberate cost advice, cost management throughout the Project span. By identifying costs and risks early in the project cycle, we influence these factors for the benefit of the client. We know the flea market, so our clients can rely on receiving perceptive, accurate proposals and prices from the Contractor, dealers to support their business decisions. We continually challenge our service offer to ensure it meets our clients' requirements.

Our Process for Cost Management:


1. Setting out the cost based on Conceptual design
2. Benchmarking the data for costing workout
3. Value and risk factor analysis
4. Strategy development for Procurement

Live Construction

1. Cost Management
2. Auditing the contract scope and construction cost
3. Forecasting the cash flow
4. Bill certifications and Reconciliations
5. Claims assessments
6. Procurement advice
7. Managing risks
8. Value Management

Post Construction

1. At - Completion Budget
2. Final Bill certifications
3. Project closure